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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 17, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> we are going to start with you with highlights from the big event. >> ainsley and heather, good morning to you. i am not going to pick a winner or loser because people get on your twitter account if you do that. you have to give kudos to carly fiorina. she did herself a world of good. she probably had the most point nent moment last night. she owned the place when she made this statement about planned parenthood. listen? >> i dare hillary clinton barack obama to watch these tapes, watch a fully formed fetus on the table. this is about the character of our nation and if we will not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> the crowd absolutely ate that one up. adds expected carly fiorina got into it with donald trump big
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time. you remember the comment who would vote for a face like that about a week ago then there was a sharp back and forth prompting chris christie admonish both of them. listen to this. >> there are a lot of us americans who believe we are going to have trouble some day paying back the interest on our debt because politicians have run up mountains of debt using other people's money. that is in fact precisely the way you ran your casinos. >> atlantic city is a disaster and i did great in atlantic city. i knew when this get out. my timing was great. i got a lot of credit about it. >> we don't want to hear about your careers volleying back and forth. you are both successful people. congratulations. you know who is not successful? the middle class in this country who is getting plowed over. >> that was something middle class voters probably would eat up. not sure how well that is going to play for christie. because people don't care about the records of donald trump and
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carly fiorina. christie admonished fiorina to not interrupt him. may seem a bill bully. jeb bush spent as much time as he could talking about his record as florida governor trying to talk about him being a real conservative. donald trump jabs his brother. >> your brother's administration gave us barack obama because it was such a disaster the last three months that abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> as relates to my brother there's one thing i know for sure. he kept us safe. i don't know if you remember. >> jeb bush got big points for that. that was a big moment for him. ben carson didn't have breakout moments like the fox news debate a month ago. he epitomized political cool.
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he avoided every opportunity to attack donald trump. e even at one point got a high five from trump. >> i suggested to president bush that he not go to war. i just want that on the record. >> you know, one thing we should mention as well before we leave you here in seem me valley is marco rubio he put in a solid performance last night. because in virtue of his positions on committees that he has a strong command of foreign policy. he showed that last night. give p enthe slings and arrows and attacks he has taken over immigration he has found a way to articulate immigration policy in a way voters can relate to. we will see where rubio goes with this. the biggest bumps will be for donald trump and carly fiorina.
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she needed to hit a home run. she hit it out of the park last night. >> a lot of folks agree with you on that. we will talk a little bit more about that. john roberts live for us. carly fiorina dominating the debate stage. the planned parenthood response the most talked about moment but not the only time she shined. >> on day one i will make two phone calls the first to bibi netanyahu to say we will stand with the state of israel the second to tell him unless and until he opens every military and every nuclear facility to real any time anywhere inspections with our people not his we will make it as difficult as possible to move it around the global financial system. mrs. clinton i have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe. i know it is an activity it is not an accomplishment. mrs. clinton if you want to stuff a democrat ask them to name an accomplishment of
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hillary clinton. >> how do our fox news analysts think that fiorina did. charles krauthammer and brit hume agree that she won the debate but with one caveat. >> countered insults with trump in a way that was short and surprising and electric. she had her little lip when she took on interestingly and probably iran and planned parenthood. >> she seemed a bit stern and cross at times. she was extraordinary authoritative and the command of the national international issues and facts and details of our military quite impressive. >> political analysts seem to agree carly fiorina won the debate last night. who won the most important issues. joining us to weigh in on this
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is our political panel director of the accountability and william f. buckley fellow of the national review. >> we stayed up late to watch the debate. who is the winner off tn the economy? that's such an important issue in the polls right now. >> without a doubt carly fiorina. >> she came knowing her stats, her facts. she understands how government works, she understands where spending is, she has a plan. she got us the details. not one person on stage could debate her on the economy. >> she has a lot of experience running companies. >> i think carly did a good job but i am going to say bush because the expectations were high here. very high for him. he had a lot to lose. i think he performed well on this issue. his closing statement was very strong. he sounded executive. >> loser when it comes to the economy. >> you choose carson. >> without a doubt. he didn't come prepared. he didn't bring his a game. he had the most to lose in this
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debate because he was surging in the polls. this was an opportunity to speak to the general audience to move to a moderate demographic at east in the room in california. he didn't have facts or figures. he wasn't that exciting either. >> who did you choose again. you are crabbing trump. >> he was almost completely absent from policy debates. if the angle is we need to elect a businessman that businessman should be able to tell us why as a ceo we will be able to lift the economy. i think carly and others had a devastating attack on fiscal mismanagement of his casinos. >> immigration. who do you think the winner is? >> rubio. i will qualify this. i think there's a lot of skepticism about gang of 8 about getting effectively rolled by chuck schumer. i thought he made the right noises to combat this. he was specific on policies. he did hedge on amnesty that
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might hurt but overall i thought it was a persongood performance. >> has personal experience. >> i have to agree he did a good job he had a personal story. so did jeb bush. jeb bush wrote an immigration plan and put it into effect. his wife is a mexican a former mexican citizen now an american citizen. she can combat the issues trump brought up. they got into a heated exchange on spanish speaking and 14th amendment. >> i thought bush was the loser on this jumping off trump's attacks on his wife he ended up sounding romantic, fluffy pie in the sky. conservatives are skeptical about jeb on immigration and i don't think the performance help pd. >> without a doubt ted cruz due in a close tie donald trump. he doesn't have details on an immigration plan. ted cruz because he is such a hard liner. i don't think he's moving
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forward with the party. he's not inclusive. i don't think he sees a vision for the party. i don't see where his place in the party is going to be it if he continues to have the belief. >> military near and dear to our hearts. who was clear on the military? >> that was a tough one. i am going to say marco rubio. >> i think he was able to explain our foreign policy in the general people speak. i think over the heads of a lot of people you start to confuse all of the leaders as hewitt brought up in his questions with trump. he explained what was going on with syria and isis in human terms. >> who did you pick? >> i also picked rubio. i think that's about the right explanation. but i will say qualifiedly two things, one he invoked syrian rebels which is sort of like we need to arm the unicorns in the middle east. that's not a great strategy. he does have the story and
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freedom and liberty, warm, fuzzy rhetoric i think connects. >> hold up your losers. losers for military who did you pick? >> you picked paul? >> i actually picked jeb bush. >> thank you so much for being with us. interesting perspective from both of you. heather, over to you. thank you very much. how did the candidates rank among voters? pollster frank luntz has reaction from his focus group. >> how many of you thought chris christie did a good job. raise your hand. he seemed genuine. there was bickering going back and forth between fiorina and trump he brought it back to what it should be about. brought it back to the american people. ted cruz in tonight's debate? >> inspiring. >> straight shooter. >> solid. he's an outsider but he's proven. >> bold. >> honest. >> scott walker tonight? >> surprising. >> record. >> better than the fox debate.
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>> polished. >> more bold. >> who came here voting for ben carson. be candid. who is walking out voting for ben carson. wasn't such a great night. tell us what's up? >> he is not a debater. that is not his style. i think he would be a very good leader, he's not a debater. >> until we see how the performances effect him in the polls there's no way to see if people perceive them the right way. here with social media reaction fox news host clayton morris. >> one thing is doing to google to see what people are typing into the google during the debate. people were asking general questions like how tall is lindsay graham and who is lindsay graham's wife. you can see it on google. you could see the spikes on immigration. they also were interested in going after hillary clinton.
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he this wanted to know more about when lindsay graham talked about having drank with other members. they wanted to know about linted say graham drinking on google. and then during the main debate in the evening here is where everything shook out on the main debate stage. they were looking at carly fiorina. jeb bush in 3rd. number three on there. ben carson came in following that as well. the list went down the line further. let's go to twitter. this is where we saw this trend after the first debate people taking up the most twitter followers. carly fiorina on twitter receiving the most response on twitter last night. marco rubio came out like gang busters in the first debate did well last night people searching for those individuals the most and receiving the most twitter followers as a result. john skasich had a following he
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said he needed to connect with the audience more, get people to learn more about him last night. people taking to twitter to learn more about john kasich as well. >> one of the big moments was the sound bite, the big moment from carly fee reno firing back against donald trump. that was one of the big responses last night. carly fiorina responding to donald trump's attack on her face last night. >> thanks so much. >> a lot of good one liners last night for sure. >> we will show them off to you. >> the time is 13 after the top of the hour. the top candidates touting their records and slamming each other. >> he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> i did not. >> yes, you did. you wanted it and you didn't get it. >> is it true or false. we will be fact checking these candidate's claims next. ♪
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>> welcome back to america's election headquarters fox and friends first. the second debate going head to head on key issues. who got the facts right and who strayed a little bit from the facts? political clear politics rebecca bird. big night last night. >> it was a big night. a fun night, yes. rebecca we are going to go through some of the key points that a couple of the candidates made. first of all we are going to start with trump and bush on casinos in florida. listen to what they had to say. >> the one guy that has some special interest that i know of that tried to get me to change my views on something that was generous and gave me money was
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donald trump. he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> i did not. >> yes you did. >> totally false. >> yes you did, no i didn't. who is telling the truth here. >> well, in this case it is jeb bush wholly telling the truth here. donald trump may have a case to make he personally did not lobby jeb bush forecast nos in florida. that's a gray area but he did hire a lobbyist to lobby jeb bush and held a fundraiser for jeb bush while he was running for governor to try to win him over for this issue. donated a bunch of money to the florida republican party. >> eventually the casinos did not make it in florida. >> chris christie on planned parenthood in new jersey. listen to this one. >> i vetoed planned parenthood funding eight times in new jersey since the day i walked in as governor planned parenthood has not been funded in new
2:19 am
jersey. true or false? >> this one is true. chris christie has many times over the course of being governor of new jersey vetoed funding for planned parenthood. here's the hold up. he hasn't always done it for the sort of moral reasons he would have you believe now. it was a matter of making the budget balance. >> we don't really know what his moral reason were or not. finally vaccinations. it was kind of a debate. it went back and forth. here's what donald trump had to say. >> i am in favor of vaccines do them over a longer period of time. same amount but in little sections. >> doctor carson? i think you are going to see a big impact on autism. >> donald trump ben carson involved in this. is he right? is trump correct? >> no. doctor carson followed up after
2:20 am
donald trump said that and said he is completely wrong on this. he is referring to one old study that was an out liar there's been no links between autism and vaccines. >> he did say he agreed perhaps the vaccinations should be spread out a little bit further over time. thank you so much. we enjoyed it. >> thanks. >> thank you. it is now 20 minutes after the top of the hour. making the case for commander-in-chief. >> we need the strongest military p on the face of the planet. >> i will only send you into harm's way when our national security is at risk. >> coming up next a retired general with the one candidate who he says would be the best to lead our military.
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>> the 2016 gop can bats weighing in on foreign policy. >> we need the strongest military on the face of the planet. >> when we go somewhere we need to be mobile and we need to take care of business and we knneed come home. >> i am not sending our sons and daughter back to iraq. >> i want the women at home to know if i am commander-in-chief i will only send you into harm's way when our national security is at risk. >> which candidate made the strongest case to become our next commander-in-chief? general thank you for being with us. military strength, mnational security is important for you.
2:25 am
who would be the best commander-in-chief? >> let me start off saying in my 34 years on duty i have never seen a more complex security matter. it was a very lengthy debate. if i had a top three i would have picked carly fiorina governor bush and marco rubio. >> why is that? >> first off i thought carly fee reno was very forceful and informed, very engaged. she thinks the international security environment. she talked about veterans but she also talked about specifically what is needed to regain military strength i think has wayned some what. >> why bush? >> bush had a good showing also. i appreciated the fact that he was forthcoming in defending his brother's record that he kept us safe. i served under president bush and so forth. the other term he used was peace through strength. which is very reaganesque but it
2:26 am
is absolutely true as we move forward in this dynamic and unsettled international environment we have as well. >> which candidate would be best for veterans? you mentioned carly talked about veterans of all of the candidates which one do you think would be best suited? >> carly had really good words about that. we have to play close attention to veterans. this is a national security issue. we have a tendency to focus on issues at tret tran's hospitals and so forth. as the army down size we have more veterans entering into the community in the private sector. it is important we address their issues particularly based on the last 14 years of war, impact on their families. i think that's an important national security issue. >> thank you for being with us. >> nice to see you. heather, over to you. >> thank you. the time is now almost half past the top of the hour. who will be next to drop out of the race and who could emerge as
2:27 am
the vp nominee. our political panel up next to weigh in. and as the gop candidates slam hillary clinton she gets asked a very important question. >> what is in the e-mails? can you say what's in the e-mails? that's all we want to know. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> if your alarm sl just going off it is september 17th, 2015. round 2 and the gloves are off. >> the republican candidates back on stage last night for the second presidential debate and they came out swinging. >> rand paul shouldn't even be on the stage. i am concerned about him being in charge of nuclear weapons. his response, his adviseral response is to attack people on
2:31 am
his appearance. i never attacked him on his looks and believe me there's plenty of subject matter. >> i think trump is a great entertainer. >> if i were sitting at home watching this back and forth i would be inclined to turn it off. >> you got hillary clinton to go to your wedding because you gave her money. maybe it works for hillary clinton but not for anybody else on the stage. >> i am a businessman. >> a special fox and friends first post debate show continues right now. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. let's get right to john roberts live in seem me valley in california. >> good morning to you, health errs and ainsley. very entertaining on some parts. the performance went to carly fiorina. she had brow beaten cnn to allow her to get on the main stage.
2:32 am
she had a lot riding on last night. she had a solid command of foreign policy and had the most powerful moment of the night. watch this. >> i dare hillary clinton, barack obama to watch these tapes. watch a fully formed fetus on the table. this is about the tashcharacter our nation. if we will not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> we were expecting a sharp pa back and forth between fiorina and donald trump and we got it particularly after the comments who would vote for that face. she loet lose a line she had clearly been working on. oh if looks could kill. >> it is interesting to me th e mr. trump said he heard mr. bush clearly and what mr. bush says. i think women all over the country very clearly what
2:33 am
mr. trump said. >> i think she is got a beautiful face and i think she is a beautiful woman. >> oh, that look. >> huckabee performed as expected. the former governor of arkansas strong support for israel. opposition to an iran deal. he did say he was have a litanos test of any nominees. he had a strong religious freedom saying kentucky clerk kim davis should be accommodated. >> we made accommodation to the fort hood shooter to let him grow a beard. we made accommodations to the detainees at gitmo. i have been to gitmo, i have seen the accommodations we made to the muslim detainees who killed americans. you are telling me that you cannot make an accommodation for an elected democrat county clerk from rowan county kentucky? >> senator rubio put in a good
2:34 am
performance. strong demand on foreign policy. on immigration he has clearly learned his lesson from the gang of 8 experience. also a powerful frame of reference when talking about legal immigration. >> my grandfather instilled in me a belief that i was blessed to live in the one society in all of human history, even i the son of a bartender and made could aspire to have anything and be anything i was willing to work hard to achieve. we must secure our border physical border with a wall we also need a man tore illy system. step could modernize our legal immigration system. you come to america on the basis of what you can contribute economically. >> rubio had a strong performance i think will serve him well going forward. donald trump's fans will like his. jeb bush did what he needed to do. carly fiorina hit it out of the park. she might need to smile. they like to see the strong
2:35 am
command and seriousness but also the sense of warmth. heather? >> john roberts, thank you so much. >> carly fiorina dominating the debate stage. many analysts saying she won round 2 but can she hold on to the momentum? joining us to weigh in republican strategist adam siegfried and jessica tarlov. it was a long night. very long debate. so carly fiorina. do you think she won the night first of all. jessica i will start with you. can she keep it going? >> i understand the argument for her and i never thought i would say this but i am going to be supportive of a push. i am going to say jeb bush was the winner for me for the evening. he showed a lot of nuance, a lot of understanding. he got it together and the question he knew was going to be asked about his brother. he was strong, definitive, loving. he said george bush kept us safe during a clear contrast to what
2:36 am
is going on today. he was a little funny. there was the low five moment. >> definitely different. >> he is never going to be a screaming are willy super high energy guy. he showed policy p chos. he talked about his record. >> carly fiorina if you look on-line any one talking today. >> she came in ready. she is thoughtful. she is well researched. the point that she doesn't smile enough. i would like to see her smiling a bit more. she had a job to do and she certainly did it. just not my topic. >> evan you think she can keep the momentum going? >> she hit out of the pacific a -- park and she caught the ball before it landed. she smacked donald trump on the nose for everything outrageous and offensive and she did it and remained above the fray. republicans and women especially
2:37 am
independent voters will love this. she never -- >> trump and fiorina when they started talking about their record. >> chris christie won that exchange. there is a strong backing for chris christie. we are all successful. we wouldn't be running for president if up weren't. so let's talk about the middle class let's talk about the average voter and the guy who doesn't have a job the guy who lost his job and is struggling. chris christie i thought he did really well. >> who do you think bb the next person to drop out? >> i think scott walker. he seemed to really disappear to me. >> it was so long. a lot of the candidates seemed to disappear for long periods of time. >> i think there should be consideration for shortening the strength and making it more concise. you will have less candidates. scott walker is my dropout. >> who do you think? >> scott walker is in a lot of
2:38 am
trouble. i think long-term if trump continues to be subjected to this, i think he could wind up looking for possibly leading the republican party for what at least to him is a more attractive and younger party. >> the dem kratz? >> if you want him, please take him. >> vp candidates. any one that maybe struck you? >> i think marco rubio positioned himself very well. i also think carly fiorina if she doesn't have the long sterm staying power. >> i think at least a cabinet position for sure. vp, who do you think? >> i am looking to ben carson. i thought he was so thoughtful and so measured. the guy is obviously smart. i am thinking back to the first debate most important thing is the president has a brain. i have got one of those. he certainly does. he also was really light on respects and choose that he --
2:39 am
specifics. he didn't run a business. he's a doctor. a different kind of intelligence in record. i could be looking at him to get the outsiderness on the taicket. >> it will be interesting to see where the poll numbers are. >> as always, ainsley, you are up. >> thanks, heather. >> the second tier candidates battled to break out of the attack starting with jabs with the frontrunner donald trump. >> he is not a conservative, a liberal, a democrat, he's not an independent. he believes in donald trump. >> let me say this flat out. done in aed trump is unfit to be president. >> some of the night's big issues focused on the war on terror and whether kentucky clerk kim davis should be fired for not providing marriage licenses to same sex couples. an elected official can't say i am not going to follow that law if it conflicts with my beliefs. i think she should have been fired.
2:40 am
if she worked for me i would have fired her. >> how many bakers, florists, pastors how many clerks are we going to run for jail? >> i am running for president to destroy radical islam. >> we need to do whatever we can to hunt down and kill these radical islamic terrorists. >> combine those four candidates they are averaging about 2 percent of the votes in national polls since early august. well, the time now is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. and the candidates explaining how they would handle voter's top issue, the economy. >> i think we also have to have two-minute mum wages, a starter and a sustaining. >> which candidate's money message resinated the most? cheryl casone is on deck with the analysis.
2:41 am
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>> welcome back. what a night. you are watching "fox and frindz first. we talked a lot about the debate. what are the plans for the economy. cheryl casone joining us with more on this. >> good morning, cheryl. >> good morning, heather. last night's debate focused on iran, hillary and more. but it's still the economy that americans want to hear about. with two ceo's on the stage last night it was expected their track record would come to life. when carly fiorina it was bankruptcy in atlantic city that she used. >> politicians have run up mountains of debt using other people's money. that is in fact precisely the way you ran your casinos. and you were forced to file for bankruptcy not once, not twice, four times. why should we trust you?
2:45 am
>> i knew when to get out my timing was great and i got a lot of credit for it. >> other candidates adding it is not just that simple as declaring bankrupt or in washington. it could be viewed as business failures for mr. trump. we will see if it effects him in the polls. opponents think it is a weakness for him. another is stag innocent wage growth. that's when another politician doctor ben carson took his moment in the spotlight. >> we have to have two-minute mum wages a starter and a sustaining. how are young people ever going to get a job if you have such a high minimum wage that it makes it impractical to hire them. ? >> that idea resinating with businesses this morning. doctor kaer son attacking the obama administration their attacks on the wealthy saying to go after billionaires basically
2:46 am
socialism. that was his point. back to you. >> cheryl casone, good to see you. >> uniting against the common enemy. sparring over everything on the debate stage. they got together and through jabs at hillary clinton. she appeared on "the tonight show" to answer questions about her e-mails. once again hillary clinton is joking about the private server scandal that sent her poll numbers spiraling downward in recent weeks. saying it hurts her feeling people don't find her messages more interesting. >> there are thousands of them that are already out there. most people have gotten bored after reading 10 or 12 because they are boring. i mean they are kind of what are we doing? how do we do it? what does it mean? >> clinton tweeted and the republican field returned the favor taking aim at the former
2:47 am
secretary's track record. >> mrs. clinton is going to have to defend her track record of lying about benghazi, of lying about the e-mails and servers. >> the question is who is going to prosecute hillary clinton. obama has no interest. justice department has no interest. it is time to put a former federal prosecutor on the same stage as hillary cloin ton. >> i can't wait to stand on the debate stage against hillary clinton and make it clear if you vote for hillary clinton you are voting for the ayatollah khomeini. he was tweeting about the debate he didn't have anything nice to say about the republican candidates. the prime time stage not just an 11-way contest. back to you in new york. >> peter doocy live in new york. thanks, better. >> the time is about 15 minutes after the top of the hour. the library bearing ronald
2:48 am
reagan's name sharing his message. >> we are at a crossroads. are we going to take the reagan approach, the hopeful optimistic approach? >> who did the best job evoking the former president? excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch...
2:49 am
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round two of the gop debates has the candidates changing the game. >> yes. trump singing a different tune last night hoping to stand out the second time around. joining us with the strategy shift, local polling at wpa research group. lisa, thanks for joining us. >> hi. how are you? >> good morning. >> we're great. >> lisa, in your opinion, what
2:52 am
did the candidates do or say differently last night in the debate that worked really well? >> i think we saw a lot of the same things from the previous debate. one thing where i noticed a little bit of a shift was a spiciness that we saw in the first debate. we saw that with a lot of these exchanges, particularly with donald trump and carly fiorina over comments about her appearance. we also saw a feisty exchange between donald trump and jeb bush about his business dealings in florida. and we also saw the feisty exchange between donald trump and rand paul as i think we saw in some of these candidates take the gloves off more than we saw in the previous debate. >> rand paul after the very start of the debate everybody going, whoa, we know what's going to happen here. it sort of set the tone. >> it definitely did, without a doubt. so the candidates also evoked reagan. who did it best? listen to this. >> i'm honored to be here at the reagan library, at a place that honors the legacy of a man who
2:53 am
inspired not just my interest in service but my love for country. >> i think i flew on this plane with ronald regan when i was a congress and his goals and mine pretty much the same. we're at a crossroads right now. are we going to take the reagan approach, the hopeful optimistic approach. >> all right, lisa. who is best in line? who handled it best? >> well, i think marco rubio and carly fiorina, and the reason being, i think there are a lot of republicans across the country that feel that we are at a critical juncture. the majority of americans feel like the country is heading down the wrong track and we're in desperate need of leadership. i think that carly fiorina and marco rubio showed a command of the issues last night and showed that kind of leadership that this country desperately needs. >> lisa boothe joining us. it was a long night. it was exciting even though it was three hours long. >> very long. >> fun to watch. >> thank you so much, lisa. >> thank you for having me. it's now seven minutes until
2:54 am
the top of the hour. just call it the pre-polls. social media explodes overnight about the gop debate. authorities keep up. which are talking the most?
2:55 am
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this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. obviously it's wa too early for the polls to come out. how are people perceiving the
2:58 am
candidates. >> here with social media reaction, clayton. i just got an alert that jeb bush joined vine. >> now he's on vine? >> he's on vine. >> snap chat is next. people are watching the debates on their devices. sitting there with ipads and smartphone. you're seeing real time reaction. one of the ways to analyze how the candidates did is go right to google. you can see the search trends and spikes throughout the evening. one of the big google spikes is when jeb bush defended his wife. he defended his wife, a huge spike. people wanted to learn more about jeb bush and his wife. the other big google spike happened when carly fiorina was defending her record from chris christie, her time at hewlett-packard. saying she was a fantastic ceo at hewlett-packard. people wanted more information
2:59 am
about exactly what she did when she was at hewlett-packard. now let's dive over to the most searched for candidates at the debate. donald trump in the first debate won remember that. last night the most searched for candidate was donald trump at number one. you can see there fiorina and bush in second and third spot. let's move on to twitter. this was really fascinating. who was most well received on twitter? carly fiorina came out on top. she did really well on that fox debate, the early fox debate last time? she came in really strong on twitter. then also who added the most followers last night on twitter? once again, carly fiorina came out on top. 30,000 followers. heather and answinsley, adding 30,000 followers, not a bad thing to happen overnight. >> we all need to get that. follow us right now. >> i'm clayton morris on
3:00 am
twitter. i need 30,000 followers. >> and a million dollars like carson got. let's keep talking about the debate. log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page right now to weigh in. #keeptalking. post debate coverage begins right now on "fox & friends." bye. good morning, it is thursday, september 17th, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the gloves are off. donald trump and carly fiorina taking this jab and some said made her win the night. >> women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> what the donald trump said and did has everybody talking. >> then the donald went after jeb bush's brother, president george w. bush. >> as it relates to my brother, there's one thing i know for sure. he kept us safe. i


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